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Help Wanted – Part-time Sales Associate

Help Wanted – Part-time Sales Associate LOOKING FOR A PART-TIME SALES POSITION? We need you! 😎                     Do you Love Music? Do you Love talking with people about music? Customer Service Rep required part time at Underground Music in Kelowna’s Cultural District. Position Description: • Help […]

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Canada Day Celebration

We are having a Canada Day Celebration!                   15% OFF CANADIAN VINTAGE VINYL AND CD’s! Bargain Bin – $1.50 EACH To name but a few artists…. Jim Byrnes, RUSH, Neil Young, Domenic Troiano, Murray McLauchlan, KD Lang, Joni Mitchell, Parachute Club, Heart, Leonard Cohen, Blood Sweat and […]

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Underground Kelowna Record Store Day Venue

Underground Kelowna Record Store Day Venue Remember Record Store Day is Saturday, April 22! Find us here: Some important quotes regarding Record Stores! “Music is an important part of our culture and record stores play a vital part in keeping the power of music alive” – Chuck Berry “I think it’s high time the […]

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UNDERGROUND MUSIC RECORD STORE DAY SATURDAY APRIL 22 Special Record Store Day SALE pricing throughout the store and opening time will be announced soon! 1331 Ellis Street, Kelowna!! We put in our orders with our suppliers and have no idea what we are going to be allotted until our product starts arriving this week! Positively […]

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Underground Staff Says Thanks

Underground Team

The Underground Staff says thanks for coming out to our April 1 Anniversary Sale! It was a fantastic day and the sun came out right on schedule. I really enjoyed standing outside greeting and saying good bye to our happy Customer’s.                 The store was packed most of […]

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CD Selection

The BEST CD selection in Kelowna – Underground Music has it. Haven’t you heard?  Yes, we do! Watch our videos of just part of the selection in the store: Check out our selection of CD’S   click here They go on and on!  click here We had new bins built to hold the CD’s so you […]

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Celebrate Underground’s Anniversary!

CELEBRATE UNDERGROUND’S ANNIVERSARY!   Well, it’s the 1st Anniversary of the Thompson’s owning the store and we love this reason to celebrate! Yup, it’s been a whole year since we bought Underground and we have had a blast with re-merchandising the store, adding new fixtures, lowering prices, meeting great people, and hiring a fantastic team. […]

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Ready for Record Store Day 2017?

Record Store day 1

RECORD STORE DAY 2017!!     Record Store Day 2017 is coming quickly – Saturday, April 22 2017 is the big day this year! We have been busy buying and making our vinyl purchase ‘requests’. We never know what are going to get on Record Store Day, we can’t reserve copies and we can’t take […]

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WILL BUY USED VINYL RECORDS CD’S We buy all kinds of used vinyl and CD’s and any other music collectables! We are looking for Classic Rock, Punk, Metal, Soul, Hip Hop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and some Country. Unfortunately we cannot accept most Big Band, Classical and Easy Listening – we already have the best selection! […]

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Kelowna Kiwanis Festival 2017

The Kelowna Kiwanis Festival provides an opportunity for amateur and aspiring performers to demonstrate their achievements in music, dance, and speech to their peers and community and have their performances professionally evaluated in a constructive and positive manner. Underground is proudly sponsoring the “Popular Voice Festival” April 9 2017 featuring DARBY MILLS as the adjudicator! […]

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