DIVAS on SALE all August

DIVAS on SALE all August
Diva: self-important, temperamental and difficult to please. Demanding and
spoiled. Behaves like a goddess or queen - overly entitled. A celebrated
singer, a Prima Donna. Beyonce earned $105 million in 2017. Jennifer Lopez’s
booty is insured for $27m. Mariah’s legs; $5 Billion.
Divas can also be described as very confident, exuding great style and 
personality, and they don't let anyone influence who they are or want to be.
Their character makes them stands out from the rest. They have style and
class and are unstoppable. Taylor. Adele. Lady Gaga.
Divas of a certain vintage are like fine wines and only get better with age.
Barbra is still earning $30 million a year. Dolly $37m and Céline $42m. 
They are still relevant, influential and important to music fans of all ages.
No matter how you describe a Diva, she stuns everyone with her talent and 
leaves trails of admirers in her wake.
The Divas.  On sale for the month of August at Underground Music. 

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